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How to visualise to get anything you want

I mentioned in my previous article that I visualised when I was trying to manifest. This article explains what visualisation is and how to do it. Before we begin, please be sure to check out my previous articles on The Law Of Assumption so you don't miss out on any important tips.

What is visualisation?

It is perceiving a desire in one's mind's eye as if it were already theirs. Visualisation gives your subconscious mind a clear image of what you want and this helps it manifest faster. Having clarity on your desire quickens the entire procedure of you acquiring it.

How is visualisation done?

You shut your eyes to shut the world as it is out and perceive your desire as already yours. You don't have to shut your eyes if you don't want to but I find it prevents distractions. Visualise as vividly as possible what is it you want. You can choose to affirm while you visualise and when you leave the state of visualisation be sure to keep your thoughts in check! Don't leave the state of visualisation and go about complaining about how you don't have your desire yet. Remember you are a god and you get to decide how everything turns out. It's all you!

What if I can't visualise it?

That is just fine. You don't need to visualise to get your desire. Affirming alone is powerful enough to get you your desires. Visualisation is not a necessity. So if you find yourself struggling to visualise already having your desire then just affirm and you will still manifest it. Just keep your thoughts in check. This is the most important tip because if you affirm hours on end and your thoughts are not in check you are most likely not going to manifest anything and even if you do it would take forever.

Manifestation is very easy and should not take forever. From my previous success story article, my desire came to me in just one day. It should be that easy. I will write an article on how to keep your thoughts in check for anyone who is struggling with that. Be sure to like, share, and comment on any questions you have and follow so you don't miss out on any tips.

Remember, You Are A God And You Can Do And Have Anything You Want!!

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