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Dream Of Washrooms? Checkout The Meaning Behind That

When you are dreaming of bathrooms or washrooms, one possiblity is that, if somewhat boring, explanation is that your brain is telling you that you need to visit the toilet! If that is not the case then there are other possible interpretations. Dreams about the smallest room in the house can relate to confronting negative issues in life.

It could be that you don’t have time in your busy life to address personal issues, have trouble expressing feelings and thus you are holding something inside and are not able to flush it away.

Real Life Action: This type of dream could be telling you that you need to stop putting off dealing with your responsibilities and your own desires and needs. Life can seem pretty hectic at times, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding time to deal with personal matters.

Work out a schedule so that you are able to organise your time in advance. If there is something you have been postponing, build a window into your planner so that you will definitely get it done.

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Dream Of Washrooms Real Life Action


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