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The article is about the rich wicked girl and the poor girl. This rich daughter don' respect anyone

Victoria is the rich girl while selasi is the poor girl and James is the friend of the rich daughter. This rich girl don't give respect to the community both old and young but she wasn't brilliant. This is how it begins.

Victoria :Hey! you poor girl come here.

Selasie:Yes Victoria here i am how can i help you please (bowing her head shly). Victoria : haven't I warned you never call me by my name again you shameless girl. Selasie please I am sorry madam. Victoria: whatever, go get me water to cool my heart. Selasie:okay my madam (she run quickly) James :selasie please where is madam Victoria and why are you so dull. Selasie: please I'm okay. Selasie :(she came back with the water in her hands she gave it to her with her head down) please madam there's someone outside looking for you can i let him in? Victoria:yes of course. By the way who is that person? Selasie: please his name is James. Victoria: James!! Oh let him in James: Eii madam how are you. it's been long time I've seen you. By the way hope everything is well. Victoria :yeah (offers him a seat) Victoria : hey! you poor girl! come over here don't you notice I have a visitor and you need to offer him some drink. Selassie I'm sorry madam. Victoria: go,go,go and bring something. Selassie:(she brought the drink and gave it to the visitor) James:Thank you. that's nice of you keep it up. But why are you so wicked to the girl? Victoria: This poor girl (she laughed) James got angry and left her house. The next day Selassie was sent on her way she ment James they were happy to see each other and James apologize on the behalf of her friend behaviour and encouraging her that she shouldn't worry and she should have patience and pray to God. Selassie: l know i would be somebody one day and i would no longer be the poor girl people used to me as. James:Amen oooo and i hope you are learning. Selassie: Oh! as for the learning i don't joke with it, because l know is the only key to my success. James: very good. Okay i would see you later (she left) Selassie (crying) because Victoria doesn't want to give her money to pay her examination fees. and it was her final examination. So she doesn't know what to do until she met James again. James: what's wrong with you Selassie? Selassie explained everything to him James: don't worry i will help you pay the money so James gave her the money. Selassie: thank you very much James my God bless you. Selassie was full of joy. She went back home. Started learning for the exam because it's left with one day for the exam to take place. While she was learning Victoria call her and ask her to prepare her favorite food. Selassie was like madam please your favorite food would take a long process so let me prepare you another food for today because tomorrow I have exams to write. Victoria: How dare you, l don't care about your exams go prepare me food to eat. (she rush to the kitchen and start preparing the food. The aroma filled every corner of the house) Selasie: (The food in her hands on a tray) madam please the food is ready. Victoria: very good. Selasie after cooking she was so tired but she never give up she still went ahead to learn for the remaining hours she have. Here comes the day the exams has finally come,the poor girl passed all the subjects with good grades. So God been so kind and faithful Selasie got a admission to the university God help her she was successful and got a job as a medical doctor when the rich wicked girl heard about it she was so surprised. So Selasie was no more a poor girl she was now richer than the rich girl two times.

Moral lessons, never look down upon someone whether you are poor or rich. We should all be treated the same, because no one knows tomorrow.

The poor can become rich and the rich can become poor, No matter their circumstances.

Content created and supplied by: Scottbio (via Opera News )

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