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5 Signs You're Winning at Life

What does your dream life feel like and how do you know when you've gotten there? By the end of this piece, you'll have a clear indication that you're winning at life. In this article, we're figuring out how well you're actually doing. Get a pen and paper out and see how many of these you can check off. Be brutally honest with yourself for these will show you the way forward. Below are 5 signs you're winning at life.

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1. You're Happy To Wake Up In The Morning And Start Your Day

You wake up rested and excited, you sleep well, you don't feel tired, your body wakes up naturally and you actually feel blessed to wake up as yourself. It's the quality of sleep that tells you how well someone's doing in life. When you're winning, you wake up thrilled to be yourself, you feel like one of the people on those old TV commercials all smiles and sunshine. Your attitude toward what it feels like to wake up as yourself is the first signal of how well you're doing in life. If you're happy and excited to be you today, then keep doing what you're doing.


2. When You Look Out the Window, You Feel Blessed

Look where you live, look at how you live, this is the life you design for yourself and it's freaking exceptional. You're loving every second of it, the view is breathtaking and you've always dreamed about getting to a point in your life where this is your reality. Look at your home, at the abundance of comfort you have surrounded yourself with, you are a winner.

Always spend a bit more to get the great view; it's like a piece of art that's meant to inspire you to dream even bigger. For someone who has big dreams, the view is actually more important than the square meter the place has. That’s why the first rule of real estate is location, location, location and you're located right where you're supposed to be; at the top.


3. You've Already Hit Some Of Your Biggest Goals

Winning in life means crushing your goals, it's as simple as that. Every time you crush a goal, the world becomes more and more your playground. It's the world giving you a sign of approval, something weird happens when you manifest your goals into reality; you see it working and wonder if I could do this, what else can I do, how far can I push this? Successful people are successful because they've made success their mission, their objective

For them, It's personal. It doesn't feel right to live like someone else. They want to be themselves and let the world know who that is. It's a feeling that's hard to describe in words, it's like a hunger, a thirst, a fire, a state of hyper-focus and drive that we can guarantee. Other people just don't have. It's the sort of internal belief where that's what you were meant to do and you're willing metaphorically to die on the battlefield for it. For the past decade, we've been crushing goals that would seem impossible to everyone else because we have a unique way of going after our goals.


4. You Don't Feel the Need To Prove Yourself To Other People

Here's the thing; those who got it don't need to prove they've got it because they didn't get it for other people they got it for themselves. Here's an interesting way to think about this; trying to impress other people is like looking at yourself in a broken mirror and altering who you really are to make the reflection look good. No matter how hard you try, you're not going to look good if someone else is a broken mirror so stop. It feels great to be who you are, that's what got you here so don't trade that in for anything else.


5. You Don't See A Ceiling To What You Can Do In Life

You've become so successful because you understand a fundamental reason mediocre people don't; the only ceiling in life is the one we set for ourselves, and you're living proof of that. Everyone else decided to settle for mediocrity but not you, you blew beyond expectations and soared to higher heights. You have no ceilings, how high you go is just a matter of desire for you. There's no limit on your ability to expand.


Thanks for reading. See you in the next article.

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