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Bizarre and unusual bathrooms you will not believe exist

Bathroom is a place where you can bath or take a shower, poop and urinate. That's the only things that is recommended for in a bathroom. However, there are some bizarre and unusual bathrooms you will not believe exist but they do exist. Let's check them out:

With the bathroom above, it is used for washing the hands and face if necessary. The legs of a girl indicates that that bathroom is used in bars and is in a bar.

I think the people who made this bathroom is against Catholics because there are nuns who have opened their something to collect urine from something.

This bathroom is very unusual because there you can see lips there and men are suppose to insert their thing into those lips, this over the ordinary.

As for this bathroom it is the best, because as you are pooping enjoying yourself, you can still play video games right at that place, though it might waste time it is still the best.

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