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Meet Ajuma Nasenyana. The Melanin goddess

Ajuma is a personality I adore. I respect her spirit and everything she stands for. Her natural beauty is reminiscent of all that is appealing about being black and African. When I look at her images, I see a woman who speaks for all of us, the misunderstood black African people. I see a picture of someone who has been through a lot but is still powerful and resilient. Her beauty stirs up some strong feelings in me about my race. I feel sorrow, rage, affection, and pride when I look at Ajuma. I adore her eyes, her full black lips, her lovely short natural hair, and her flawless skin.

Her elegance is undeniable and unadulterated. Unfortunately, AJuma says that her beauty is valued more in the United States and Europe than in Kenya or Africa. She was not considered desirable in Kenya due to her dark skin. However, Ajuma's international popularity as a model altered people's views of black African beauty. What's not to love about this melanin goddess who inspires and empowers?

Not only in terms of black beauty, but also in terms of black women's liberation, she is a force to be reckoned with. “I've never tried to change my skin color. Ajuma once said, "I am normal." That is why I consider her Africa's most beautiful woman. I'm completely smitten with her.

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African Ajuma Melanin


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