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Only Ghanaiains Use These 10 Words. They Are Used By No One Else

Our beautiful country is a very unique one. Yes we have a lot of problems right now but still we are so proud of it. Ghana is one of a kind. Our culture is unique. Even though there are many countries with greater worths and beautiful places, my country is special. We speak unique languages like Dagbani of the Dagombas, Twi by the Akans, Ewe by the voltarians and so many more.

Another reason why we are so special is because we are very creative. Ghanaians are one of the most creative minds the world has to offer. We don’t just create our own stuff but we make them better than the originals. Our creativity is not just seen in the things we produce but also the way we speak.

There are some words that only we Ghanaians speak. We created them and have been using them for a long time. Check them out...

1. Charley

Charley means friend in Ghana.

2. Body Body

Body Body simply means close friend or best friend. It seems identical to Buddy.

3. Cambuu

It seems like a big word but it’s just a Ghanaian term for sneakers.

4. Borga

Borga is someone who has come home after spending some time overseas.

5. Item 13.

Item 13 means refreshments. It's origin is from the Ghanaiain parliament house.

6. Skin Pain

Skin Pain means envy.

7. Mate

Mate means friend or colleague in the dictionary but in Ghana it means bus conductor.

8. Chisel

Being referred to as a chisel means you’re stingy.

9. Dropping

Taking a dropping means chartering a taxi or any commercial vehicle for that matter.

10. Home-Use

It is another word for second hand products here in Ghana.

Which one of these words do you use most? Tell us some of yours.... 

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