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'Advise' and 'Advice' are two English words often used interchangeably. See their main difference

Human as we are, we often make mistakes in our daily languages. It is quite normal to make mistakes. But making random mistakes is not quite well. English is the official language of Ghana and for that matter, we need to know some key words in English which most people misuse them.

The words are 'Advice' and 'Advise'


This word is a verb. It means to offer an opinion to counsel someone. Example: The Judge gave an advise to the suspect.


This is a noun. It is said to be the results of an advice. It is an opinion recommended. 

Example: Rexbank will advise you to get some advice about this particular matter.

Take advice from the doctor is another example.

It can be seen that 'advice' is a noun because it is not a doing word.

This is their main difference. One is a noun and the other is a verb. No need to interchange it again. Thanks for reading. Please follow me for more daily and interesting articles. Comment below your opinion on this

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