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A man Shows Off His House Under Construction but People noticed Something which got Everyone Talking

As the vast majority know these days it has become a norm for individuals to post their homes particularly on Facebook. A man posted his house People reacted saying the house looks like puzzle the rooms are too small, that the engineer is quack he wasted resources and couldn't build a nice house. 

Individuals' residences may be reprimanded as a result. Regardless, this hasn't stopped anyone from praising their tireless efforts of building their own home. People had a lot to say about the house. Some said this is not good for a human to live in some claim the house is for store & not for human.

Some have said that it was a waste of money because it was so small. According to some, the rooms appeared to be small from the vantage point from where the shot was taken. While someone made a comparison between the house and a puzzle. Some suggested he demolish it and start all over again.

Well, in your opinion, do you agree that this house is awful and not good for humans? What would you do if your engineer built this kind of house for you?

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