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Elizato-The person you took for granted today may turned out to be the person you will need tomorrow

The inventor, the greatest philosopher, Elizato has dropped more fire for people to listen and take it as advice. Elizato said, "The person you took for granted today may be turned out to be the person you will need tomorrow, be careful of how you treat people". Life is full of surprises so treat everyone around well you don't who helps you in the future. It will be nice to make everyone feel comfortable and happy around you.

It is very pathetic sometimes to see how people treat others because of what they are today. The person you will think that you don't need in your life will be very useful to you one day. If you see him today and he or she is not useful for you maybe tomorrow he or she will be useful to you. It doesn't matter who you are today you Don't know what will happen tomorrow so treat people in and around you very well. You may be a very wealthy person today but you don't know what will happen tomorrow. A lot of people have shared their views and suggestions on this Elizato's statement. Through their comment, you can see some people have been treated badly before by others and now they need their help.

Even the Bible says to love your neighbors as yourself and this is very important because if you love someone you will treat her well. It doesn't matter what you have today or who you are because you Don't know tomorrow. The person you will take for granted today will be your helper tomorrow so be careful of how you treat people. Always remember that life is full of surprises, anything can happen to you in this life and you will need help from others. Don't forget these statements "be careful of how you treat people".

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