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How to shine forth as a youth in your social life

First of all, to shine forth in your social life is to understand that social life was God's idea for Adam and Eve from creation. They were to live, interact and excellently manage their environment. So, Gods intention for man has never changed, man rather deviated. He had wanted man to influence the earth by maximizing every single potential to the benefit of all mankind where a social homogeneous environment could be created for a peaceful coexistence devoid of rivalry among other things. 

For the Youth to shine forth in this world that has deviated from the original intentions of God, it calls for an unquestionable lifestyle that must include godly attitude, conduct and character both at private and public appearance such as home, market, school, church, workplace and in our business environs and relationships among others. The social space in the current generation is now a complex one to behold. With the advent of technology, young people are in a more advantageous position to become more relevant in the postmodern social environment. Specifically, the internet and its accessories must be judiciously used by the young person to advance the kingdom.

If the world must also see our light and come to us then we have to avoid all forms of discrimination and hypocritical life and always act as Christ would have done. People should not be uncomfortable coming to you as a Christian youth, because your light must shine abroad to draw all men to God.

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Thank you.

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