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Hair Health

Use these plants leaves to promote your hair growth and fight against dandruff.

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Carica papaya is commonly known as pawpaw, it has a tasty fruit and grows in tropical regions. Every part of the pawpaw plant is useful, the yellowish-orange fruit is full of nutrients which is great for our health. Apart from the fruit, the most consumed part of the plant is its leaf, which has a lot of health benefits to the body.

Our concentration is going to base on the benefit of the pawpaw leaf in support of hair growth and its fight against dandruff. Wash the leaves with clean water and blend them to obtain leaf juice. Apply the leaf juice to the scalp. The high level of oxidative stress in the body can contribute to hair loss. Thus, the application of the pawpaw leaf juice and the eating of antioxidants - rich diet can help alleviate oxidative stress and improve hair growth. The leaf juice has antifungal properties which can control the dandruff-causing fungus called Malassezia.

Other health benefits of pawpaw leaf juice include;

1. It can treat dengue symptoms.

2. It can help in balancing blood sugar levels.

3. It can support digestive health.

4. It can promote healthy skin.

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Carica papaya


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