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Top 5 Life Lessons From Billionaires

Hello and welcome, today we are going to learn some important life lessons from some the richest people in the world. You are the sum of the people you surround yourself with, so if you surround yourself with rich people what do you learn? In article we would explore some of the things you learn when working for high net worth individuals and the things you can apply to your own life.

Number 1: It's not always about the money.

Rich people understand that money is a tool, is the result of providing value to someone else. If you work to make life suck less for someone, money will eventually come and at the end of the day it's more important to how you make your money rather than how much make. Sometimes a good night's sleep is more important than some extra cash in your pocket.

Number 2: Look for deals.

Someone said, you can't afford something o you can't buy it twice. Rich people go poor when they constantly buy the newest thingat full price. Middle class folks do things the same by the way in a quest to look rich but people who are good with money will buy expensive winter clothes in the summer at a discount.

Number 3: They have a budget.

You think that having a ton of money means you'd never look at a price tag? That's actually not the case when you work with rice people you realize that actually have a very thought out budget for everything they do. Just because they have money doesn't mean that money is sitting around doing nothing, most of the time it's delegated to other projects or invested. They don't look at the cost of something but rather at what it's giving them in return.

Number 4: Time is Money.

Save a rich person 2 thousand dollars a day and cool you might get a nice bonus but save a rich person 2 hours a day and you might just get a new life. The most value you can bring to a high net worth individual is time. If you figure out how to save them time and energy , well you are golden. That's why they delegate a lot of things they don't have time to do anymore. It's the only resource they can't make more of.

Number 1: They have multiple streams of income.

When working with extremely rich people, you notice they never rely on just one stream of money income not because they want more money, just because they want more financial security. If that one stream breaks that means no income, those who are really good with money are constantly looking for more pipelines to add to their cash flow.

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