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19 Year Old Ghanaian Kid Builds A Real Life Ironman Suit

Hello and welcome back, today we are going to take a look at a 19 year old Ghanaian kid who built a real life working ironman suit in his bedroom with a bunch of scraps. So without wasting much of your time, let's just dive right into the story.

About a couple of weeks ago, I came across this Ghanaian boy called IWET on YouTube in my recommended section. I visited his YouTube channel page, IWET ROBOTICS and I was really amazed about the kind of things he had invented and built. He has built a Spiderman suit, drones, electric skateboard and many other cool gadgets, but one thing really caught my eyes. His real life Ironman suit was surprisingly functional and he had already tested it and made a video on it. This ironman suit looks and functions exactly like the one in the movies.

The most interesting thing was that he had documented and made a video on all the built process involved in the making of the Ironman suit. In the video he used simple home materials such as wood, metal sheet, paint and other materials to build the suit. He claimed that no one thought him how to build it physically. He went ahead to say that he learnt how to build it from the internet by watching tutorials from experts.

The one thing that really amazed me was that his suit was able to shoot fire, fly and also had a talking artificial intelligence system (A.I) implanted in it. This A.I. system allows him to control the robot with voice. His YouTube channel, IWET ROBOTICS is currently having over 650 subscribers. He is asking the general public to support his work by subscribing to his YouTube channel to encourage him to build even more advanced machine and technologies.

So if you really want Ghana and Africa as a whole to also develope like the U.S. then make sure to visit his YouTube channel and subscribe, it will help him very much. Let us know your thoughts below, do you like his suit and make sure to like this article and share it with a friend him share Africa to the world. Thank you, goodbye.

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