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Don't listen to misguided people and leave your parent house if you have a decent accommodation.

Prophet Nigel Geizei said, you are a big failure if you are 35 and still leave with your parent. Which a highly disagree, here is why?

Even Jesus said: In my father's house, there are many mansions there, meaning, he has no plans moving out of his fathers house. 

You see, most of the people very likely to ask you to leave are those whose parents could not leave them with a hen coop on a 1/16 size plot. I'm here to tell you the truth, my parents didn't leave me with any, but it didn't prevent me from being a realist. One way of being poor in this country is renting, if you can avoid it, try as much as possible to avoid it. I have been renting for some time, if I had the luxury and comfort of a family home, I'd have completed building my own by now. When you rent, you have to save every month to renew it after the expiration of a term. It's not the right way to live, it means you are marking time.

 How many people can save 600, 700 to 1000 cedis a month? That's what you'd need to do if you want semi-decent accommodation in a -minus neighbourhood in Ghana. If your job pays you anything less than 3000 and you raise children, then you are likely to need a loan to renew. When are you going to get a plot? When are you going to lay a foundation, and pray you don't get sick. There is always a pressure to get away from family, to many, that's progress. Renting is not progress if you could have had it for free.

I laugh when people who have decent means of accommodation are in a hurry to rent, I always advise against it because to some of us, without rent, we'd have made so much gains in life. 

Don't listen to misguided people and leave, it is more glorious to be there, save, build and leave than to leave, bleed and return as some do. 

All you need to do is to study the situation at home, if it is conducive or even if not, if you think it can be managed. Don't be in a hurry to leave when you can manage, most landlords would outdo all your family people's misdeeds combined. 

Don't allow people to force you to leave their parents home because they had to shift the centre table and lay their strawbed force you out of your home, that's green gass at your feet. 

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Jesus Nigel Geizei


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