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Funny pictures of the Day.

Welcome to my article. Nowadays funny pictures change your mood when sad. Pictures are the forms of image which one can understand things easily.

Today,Funny pictures and videos are trending you to make you happy. Imagine there were no pictures in a movie that will attract you to watch the movie how will you feel,the movie will be boring. Pictures allows you to entertain how the movie was like so that you can narrate the movie to someone elsewhere. Some pictures are funny to extend that you can laugh and become mad. Pictures that are funny make us happy nowadays. Let me give an example: A boy called shit was teased at school because of his name,now his father said anyone that will call him that name,he should knock that person. When he went back to people teased and they were all knocked by him. One day,his father was watching a football match and the team the father supported was about to score and that particular player playingmissed and the father shouted shit!!!!!!!. The boy appeared from no where and knocked the father heavily. That is the end.

Thanks for reading this content. God richly bless you!!!

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