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HT/FT fixed matches with 75 odds

Hand painted natural clam shell. Ring dish or table top decoration. HT/FT fixed matches with 75 odds

Each shell is handpicked by me and my family from the beautiful beaches on the Eastern Shore is Maryland.

The clam shell is hand painted using acrylic paint and sealed to protect and waterproof the design.

Laying down, this shell measures approximately 2 inches by 3 inches and and approximately 1 inch in height. This keepsake can be used as a ring/jewelry holder or tabletop decor and would make a memorable gift for any occasion.

Each painting is one of kind, just like the shell it’s painted on. This clam shell features a rustic fence post surrounded by blue, purple and orange wildflowers. The underside of the shell remains natural and has the quote " Gratitude changes everything" painted in brown lettering.

When we allow ourselves to look critically at our lives through the lens of gratitude, and to focus on the many reasons we have to be grateful, life gets better. We feel better. A focus on gratitude reduces stress and increases levels of contentment. It truly is life-changing.

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