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Meet Young Lady Who Spent Over $3000 to Transform Herself into a Mermaid Because Of What She Wants

At one point in life we all have different choices to make. What we want to be in life depends on how we planned our life and to achieve our goals sometimes requires a lot of sacrifices. Nowadays, people often spend a whole lot of money on things that look unnecessary and sometimes unreal, like people spending a lot of money on plastic surgeries and the likes.

If we are to judge by what we see everyday, it is very easy to conclude that the world is no longer the way it was in the 18th and the 19th century respectively. People of the 21st century no longer care about what people would say and what the consequences of their actions might turn out to be. Having passion for a particular thing is another reason why people do strange things just to show their love and passion for it.

This promises to be one of the strangest stories you will likely encounter today. A 23-year-old student well-known as Corrine Hinton spent $3000 just to transform herself into a mermaid. It sounds strange and funny, isn't it? But it sounds particularly weird and unnecessary when you consider the huge amount she spent on something that lacks common sense in it.

After she was able to transform herself into a mermaid:

he reason why she did this was that when she was a child she loved watching fictional movies and cartoons where she would always see mermaids characters, and since then she fell in love with it. When she clocked the age of 23, she decided to fulfil her dream of becoming a mermaid by spending $3000 which is equivalent to 18, 170GHS. The young lady is from Easton, Pennsylvania. She is also a student who studies environmental studies at the University.

The red haired mermaid in Disney world:

Corrine Hinton had visited Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida back in 2005 when she saw mermaids, especially the red-haired mermaid called Disney Princess Ariel who acted in the classic 1989 movie, and since then she has had a different mindset. After successfully purchasing 3 mermaid tails, she has become a public figure, especially for children who pay to see her in her mermaid tail. She also learned to swim like a pro to attract her viewers and make herself look like a real mermaid.

Can you spend that huge amount of money on something like this? Let's hear your opinion.

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