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5 Clear Signs You're Winning In Life

What does your dream life feel like and how do you know when you've gotten there? By the end of this piece, you'll have a clear indication that you're winning at life.


1. You're Happy To Wake Up In The Morning And Start Your Day

You wake up rested and excited, you sleep well, you don't feel tired, your body wakes up naturally and you actually feel blessed to wake up as yourself. It's the quality of sleep that tells you how well someone's doing in life. When you're winning, you wake up thrilled to be yourself. Your attitude toward what it feels like to wake up as yourself is the first signal of how well you're doing in life. if you're happy and excited to be you today, then keep doing what you're doing.


2. Your Body Is Not In Pain

How does your body feel? No pain, you can breathe easy, nothing hurts, you're in your prime, you feel strong and your mind fires quickly. The average person has hundreds of wishes, a sick man only has one. This is one of those things that resonate with us long term. You have wishes, you have desires of hitting bigger goals but take a moment and appreciate that your body is fully functional and strong, that you're not dealing with pain.


3. Your Future Is Predictably Positive

I love predictability; most people hate it because they dislike what's about to happen to them. But not for you, you can see into the future, you can see firsthand your life gradually becoming better and better. Look at where you were last year and the one before that, crazy how life keeps improving this way.

there's this unique moment in every successful person's journey; be it an elite athlete, a business person or an artist where for a few seconds, time dilutes and they can see clearly what the future holds for them. If you're the one building it you can see the future within your mind, this is a future other people don't see but you do. You see yourself winning the race, you see yourself connecting the dots, you see the artwork before anyone else in the world can see it. A very small subsection of the population has this power, so count yourself blessed if you can see the future.


4. You've Already Hit Some Of Your Biggest Goals

Winning in life means crushing your goals, it's as simple as that. Every time you crush a goal, the world becomes more and more your playground. It's the world giving you a sign of approval. Something weird happens when you manifest your goals into reality. You see it working and wonder “if I could do this, what else can I do, how far can I push this?” successful people are successful because they've made success their mission. For them, it's personal, it doesn't feel right living like someone else.

They want to be themselves and let the world know who that is. It's a feeling that's hard to describe in words. It's like a hunger, a thirst, a fire, a state of hyper-focus and drive that we can guarantee other people just don't have. It's the sort of internal belief where that's what you were meant to do and you're willing metaphorically to die on the battlefield.


5. You Don't Worry About Basic Needs

Everything in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is taken care of. You have multiple options for food, shelter, security. In a single word, you are free. You don't have to worry about bills, about having enough money to pay for anything, you've elevated yourself beyond that because if you wanted it you would have already gotten it, it's not that big of a deal to you. Here's something only people who get to this point understand, it's only when your basic needs are covered do people realize that life is about being more, not having more and you my friend have transcended into the being more phase.


Thanks for reading. See you in the next article.

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