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END TIME IS NEAR: See What This Beautiful Lady Did in Public That Got People Angry

The world has become a strange place recently, and Africa has contributed to that because of the indecency that is on the rise on the African continent. Although we see things from different angles, what is good for you might be bad for someone else, and because of the freedom of expression in our society, everybody can express themselves in any manner they like. As ladies nowadays continue to dress indecently, people continue to criticise Africa for buying into the white race culture, and it is giving us a bad name already.

This beautiful black lady was seen walking on the street almost naked. The lady was caught moving confidently on the street without being afraid, and she did not even feel remorseful about her mode of dressing. Even though ladies now dress this way in public on a daily basis, it is still shocking when people see her dress this way. The lady was seen roaming the street of South Africa, and reports reveal that she was heading to a public event.

People cannot help but take pictures of her simply because her indecent dressing is an attraction to the public. Even though she has the right to wear whatever she likes, it is still very wrong for her to dress that way all in the name of fashion. Ladies wear these types of clothes to impress men, but not all men are attracted to indecent dressing, and some men even see them as wayward because of their dressing.

Our body is the temple of God according to the Bible, but our ladies are not following what the Bible says, and it is not good for the incoming generation. It is believed that the way you dress is the way you are addressed, so if you want to be respected, you have to dress well and always behave decently in public so as to protect your integrity.

Do you think there is nothing wrong with her dressing? Your opinion is important to us.

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