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How To Be Successful In This Life

In this life we live, nothing pays more than being loyal and honest to people you see in the society. Try to be nice to people. Let people see the uniqueness of you. Be a difference in your own world. Respect people. Be humble and kind. Let's go deep in the two essential words.

1. Honest:

Honest is been fair and truthful to a certain situation or people. Honesty is more than gold and silver. Honesty can change your life within a short time that you will be shocked. Let's look at the taxi driver's honesty and patriotism. Imagine you've found a huge sum of money in a certain place without knowing the owner. What will you do? Try to be honest here. Will you return the money to the owner? Thoughts are measured by the heart. Nobody knows where his or her destiny will start shinning.

2. Patriotic:

Love to care for people,nature and others. Protect what belongs to someone when is wide open to the environment. What belongs to you belongs to you and what does not belongs to you does not belongs to you.

Be a good citizen where ever you find yourself. Show much love and gratitude. Protect the environment. It's our duty for nature's safety. Be a watch dog. Never be selfish of everything. Give abundantly and surely you will receive it bountifully without notice.Show love to those that hates you. Be nice to those that criticize and persecute you.

3. Confidence

The feeling that you can do it. Not being afraid to make mistakes or to try something new.

Examples of confident behaviours:

attempting hard work independently

sharing a new idea with the class

taking a risk

4. Organisation

Planning your time so you're not rushed, having all your resources ready and keeping track of when work needs to be completed.

Examples of organised behaviours:

making sure you understand instructions before you begin work

having resources ready that you need for the day/task

having a plan and organising your thoughts.

5. Perseverance

Trying hard and not giving up when something feels like it's too difficult to do.

Examples of Persevering behaviours:

continuing to try even when something is hard

not being distracted by others

checking work when it's finished to make sure it's correct.

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