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Top 4 Amazing trees in The World.

1:Rainbow eucalyptus.

Rainbow eucalyptus is a tree that have all the colors of a rainbow and can change from one color to another from time to time based on the climatic condition. It start with light brown then to led green then to dark green, and continue to Pink, red purple orange and other color of a rainbow.

It is found in Philippines and New Guinea.

2:Tibetan cherry tree.

Tibetan cherry tree is found in Western China. This tree has become popular around the world for it's very unusual bark growing to thirty feet tall. It also called the beautiful tree because it looks very nice.

It looks very shiny and smooth.

3:Jaboticaba tree

Normally when fruits grow on trees you will imagine them emerging from the branches but this one tree Jaboticaba does but follow the normal way at which fruits grow on trees.

Jaboticaba tree's fruits grow directly on their trunks. The color of the fruits is purple.

It can found in Mexico and South America

4:Boojun tree.

Boojun tree can be found only in the desert region of the Baja California Peninsula and Sonora Mexico.boojun tree is highly peculiar species of plant that's perfectly adapted to the harsh terrain. When growing it grows up to 70 feet tall. It often said to resemble an upside-down carrot. It has a nice scent like that of honey which attract insects.

The local surry people have instead referred to this trees as the loto tax,they believed that if you touch one it will cause powerful wind to blow against they actively avoided when they were traveling through the desert.

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