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Funny stories that will make your day

You are very fortunate to open this article at this moment. You are welcome. In this article, you are going to experience hilarious jokes and stories, that will help you to forget your pains. At the end of the article, i can boldly say that, you wont regret wasting your time on his article.

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Below are some of the hilarious jokes and pictures;

(1) My Brothers and Sisters, when someone tells you that you are lazy, don't be angry, tell them that you are not lazy but you are on energy saving mode...

(2) A man was finding it difficult to get a place to park his car at a parking ground, so he prayed to God and said; Oh God, if you help me to get a place to park my car, I will go to church on every Sunday and also I will pay offering regularly. At the sometime, the sun rises and sported on an empty parking ground. When the man saw it, he immediately said, please God stop, I have found one for my self.


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My Brothers and Sisters


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