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Meet The 12-Year-Old By Who Is Gradually Turning Into A Stone As His Body Can Even Sharpen A Knife

Our lives can sometimes be very different from what we planned or from what we wished they could be and the only option we could have is to watch and wait for the better days that never came.

I say so with the life of young D'amour as a classical example. He is just a 12-year-old boy who is said to be turning into stone due to a rare skin condition that has made his life not been what he planned or wished for.

D'amour unlike many children in his community is faced with a high degree of stigma as people in his society constantly call her names and despise her because he stinks so bad.

His body as it gradually turns into a stone can sharpen a knife as it heats up when the sun is high in the sky each day he is at home or in school.

Joseph who happens to be the father of the child is with the belief that if his boy evacuates from his community to modernized hospital things could get better or he could eventually be cured.

D'amour's education hasn't been the best as his conditions make it very hard for him to get closer to his friends both at home and at school. He holds the hope of becoming a medical practitioner in the future and helping children who might in one way or the other find themselves in such cases.

With a future that looks clairvoyant, D'amour also stands optimistic and he believes better days are fast approaching and his stinking body has made him be avoided by the roses of life wth leave his body.

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D'amour Joseph


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