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Checkout These Two Ladies Picking Things From A Supermarket

Nowadays, there are a lot of things going on in the country that keep on amazing a lot of people. It is not unusual or far fetched. of late, slay queens and slay mamas are really doing the most. Day in day out, we see something new from them. We get shocked sometimes but we consider it to be part of life. Some of their actions are pardonable and can be overlooked but some other actions are unpardonable and can lead to the person or culprit being forever disgraced as a result of such acts.

Something spectacular happened and my team and I were there to catch a glimpse of what went on. Two slay queens who were spotted by the eagle eyes (CCTV) trying to pick up some goodies for home. These women were spotted in some part of the country trying to hide some of the items in the supermarket in their v-jay sides. This sounds ridiculous. My team and I did our best to bring some shots.

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