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How The Homowo Festival Is Celebrated

Homowo is a collect celebration celebrated by the Ga individuals of Ghana. The celebration begins in the period of early June and August with the planting of yields (predominantly maize and sweet potato) before the blustery season begins. During the celebration, they play out a dance called Kpanlogo. The Ga public observe Homowo in the recognition of the starvation that once occurred in their set of experiences in precolonial Ghana. 

The word Homowo (Homo - hunger, wo - hoot) can signify "to hoot (or scoff) at hunger" in the Ga language. The practice of Homowo began with a time of appetite prompting starvation because of disappointment of the occasional downpours required by crops in the Greater Accra Region, where the Ga public overwhelmingly stay. At the point when the downpours got back to business as usual, the Ga public celebrated by making the Homowo celebration, consequently its name and significance. Homowo is significantly celebrated on the whole the towns in the Ga state with festivities peaking in Gamashie.

The festival starts with the planting of maize, which will be utilized in setting up the nourishment for the celebration named Kpokpoi or Kpekple. During this period, clamor making is denied or prohibited since it is accepted that it will block the development of the yield. The supper is eaten with Palm Nut Soup and it is additionally sprinkled inside the town. This is ordinarily done by conventional pioneers and family heads. All family heads sprinkle the "kpokpoi" in their family house. Festivity incorporates walking down streets and roads pounding drums, reciting, face painting, singing and customary moves. On this day there is normally a great deal of traffic and streets are typically closed off to oblige the celebration. Despite the fact that it is a Ga custom, numerous other ethnic gatherings are invited to likewise participate in the festival. 

A portion of the towns that observe Homowo are La, Teshie, Teshie Nungua, Osu, Ga-Mashie, Tema, Prampram, and Ningo.

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