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Literature Poetry

From a volunteer writer to a High Level Author&Top Earner;A true life story of an Opera News Creator

One fundamental and life-changing principle worth applying but mostly abused by many is giving.

I strongly believe that giving is the root of all extraordinary happenings in life. 

Whether you are spiritual, religiously-committed or an unbeliever, it shall be well with you if you practically and wholeheartedly apply this key principle in your lifetime. 

While many do it on personal level, others have taken it upon themselves to extend their arms to the less privileged in the society, by putting broad smiles on their faces at all times. 

Humanitarian activities have over the years been one of the ways people adopt to reduce poverty, especially on the African continent. 

Whenever people see others sacrificing their monies, time and other precious resources to uplift their fellow humans from deplorable conditions, they automatically fall in love in the act and also decide to devote their time to serve society without expecting anything in return.

Volunteerism is one of the key assured ways of getting to one's destination of choice happily in a very surprising manner in most occasions. 

In 2019, after I returned from an evangelism work with the KNUST Church of Christ, I became more passionate about pouring my heart out regarding issues of societal concern through article writing. 

During my leisure time, I would pick my phone and start penning down stories, which eventually would become either an informative, challenging, entertaining, educative or corrective piece of reliable information for public patronage. 

I got so excited when my first article titled, "Let's Rebuild The Broken Walls Of Ghana. Ready?", was published by a campus-based media channel called Campus Radio.

Afterwards, I got connected to other media platforms likely Hypercitigh, Hypeghnewsroom, Campus360, Modern Ghana, GhanaWeb,, Current Ghana, among others. 

My audience grew from time to time, and each time I woke up from bed, one of my major goals was to put some pieces together and provide solutions to societal ills that trouble the minds and hearts of my readers.

I did this for more than a year, all on voluntary basis because I realized that was my calling. 

Even though I did not rewards in the form of money, deep inside me, I felt so satisfied and fulfilled each time I served my readers with an informative/educative article. 

One of my goals as a humanitarian writer back then was to find links to as many publishers as possible in order to broaden the scope of my audience. That was really my joy - when many people have a feel of what is inside of me.

Somewhere in 2020, I got connected to Opera News Hub Ghana.

I took a lot of time to research about them online, and one thing got me motivated to join: on their platform featured, "we empower young people to turn their creative writing passion into a thriving career".

I actually fell deeply in love with that descriptive statement so I made a concrete decision to join the team of creators.

For my first month on the platform, my earning was not up to the threshold, which was GH¢10.00, so they had to retain it for the subsequent months.

At that time, my focus was on creating contents to solve problems of my readers; not to make money in particular. 

This sometimes put me in a dilemma, which frankly speaking, was tough for me to resolve because I realized that I could make a lot of money from my creative writings. However, a part of me was just concerned about my usual humanitarian writing activities.

I however realized that in order to thrive excellently on the app and make a lot of money from my write-ups, there was the need to comply strictly with the rules and guidelines of the Hub. 

I then took a lot of time to learn the best possible ways to create quality contents that best suit the interest of the readers on the app while educating and informing them as well. 

My attention in my second month shifted a bit to news content creation, with a few old pattern articles.

The monthly earnings were released and I still did not get what I expected. This got me really frustrated at a point in time so I stopped writing, and focused on something else other than money-centered contents creation.

I was there one day when one of the Hub's administrators called to find out why I stopped posting contents on the app. 

I gave the person an assurance that I was going to return to work soon.

I then came back with full vigor and hopefulness, highly poised of a victorious mind and heart. 

I however changed my style of writing from news contents creation to a well-researched form of writing.

When my first article of this kind got published, I realized my revenue had increased. It then motivated me to continue writing in this particular area, and in fact, that was the beginning of my success story on the app.

I was in a car from Kasoa to Takoradi when one of the Opera News Hub Ghana team members called to congratulate me that in fact, they have seen my style of writing so I should continue with my good work.

Subsequently, I have been part of the top ten earners, and hoping to retain it in the subsequent months.

Content created and supplied by: Ghana'sthirdeye (via Opera News )

African Opera News Top Earner


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