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Do you keep journals in life? Then check out 4 surprising Importance's of keeping journals.

There are Two philosophies of life we are all straggling up to date to find answers, because "we don't know where we came from and where are going from here" ? but that's not all because there are more informations and unavoidable events that's will certainly come to pass in our life's either we like it or not.

But family the question for us all today is that's "do you have the data concerning the Where, How, Day, Time, Month and Year of all the events that's happened in your life starting from day one you were born up till this moment you are reading this article" ? 

Before walking you through the 4 Importance's of keeping a journals in Life as a Lifestyle Blogger let's me help you keep this in mind that Egnorance can be killed by Learning To Know and Been Informed.

Now if you are okay with Rich Teacher at this point and want to be Informed and Learn to know about the Importance's of keeping journals then let's move straight to the following 4 Importance's of keeping a journals in Life.......

1. Helps you to know yourself.

keeping journals about about how and when certain events happened in your Life helps you to know yourself more better because you become aware of what you are capable or not capable of doing.

2. Proper future life plan.

by keeping journals as an individual it helps you to make a proper future plans for your life since you have every information concerning the date, time,month and year of all the events that's happened in your Life, so you can use those information to make concrete plans for your future life.

3. Dependable Life history

having details of all the events of your life helps you to write a history about your own life which can be kept for generations to generations and will be used to remember you.

4. You will always be trusted.

since you have undoubtedly information about your own life to share with others. It also help others one way or the other to trust you because the events are backed by day, time,month and year.

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