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Reasons Why You are Not Seeing Progress In Your Life.

Life is really difficult to climb high especially when you come from a poor family background. It is rather much easier if you have a rich foundation .Today in our article we are going to look at the reasons why we do not make in progress as human beings.kindly follow,like and comment for more topics.

1. Depending on the negatives of our past.Our past can be very cruel and always will serve as a source of rememberance to us.Perhaps in the past we did certain things that we feel shameful to talk about and because of this keeps us from making progress in the pres not and future.

2.Not setting goals and vision for our lives.In this life if you do not learn to set goals and vision for your life you will end up not achieving anything in your life .It will always make us depend on others without building our own potential and capabilities .If you want to make an impact in life then you should be ready to set goals and vision.

3.Drinking and smoking can waste the life of a youth drastically.It makes you waste resources that you could have easily saved or invested into something more important for benefits.Drinking and smoking also destroys an individual slowly.

4. A life of womanizing

Yes this one is very dangerous. It can make you destroys both your body and soul. Yes physically it will drain your money plus give you waist pains. Spiritually you will feel void whenever you commit this sin.

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