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Musings of the Broken

Crackle Click Crackle Click!

That weird sound I hear, an indication that something is broken, the suspected organ is made of flesh entirely. How is it remotely possible for a heart to break. Overwhelming emotions, unending scenarios playing simultaneously, too many variables no mathematical concept can simplify

Drip Drop Drip Drop

Thoughts force their way down my already occupied mind, leaking effortlessly through the crevices of my skull, all this while wondering if I could have done things differently.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

The sound of the second hand incredibly louder than a siren in its maximum decibels, taunting me as sleep flee my eyelids, hours feeling like light years. Feeling light headed yet my "tox-screen" is clean neither alcohol or drugs in my system. Drowning as tears uncontrollably stroll down my cheeks. Promises broken, trust shattered, would I be willing to let my guard down again? We love regardless.

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Broken Drip Drop


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