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Two festivals you have no idea of its celebration in Ghana.

NORDU festival.

This is a festival celebrated by a group of eleven different communities in Ho municipality in the Volta region of Ghana. NORDU is an abbreviation which means "Norvisi Development Union". "Norvisi" which denotes unity and oneness.The festival is celebrated to bring unity and also to increase developmental projects in eleven the communities.The eleven communities are Hodzo,Hoe,Tokokoe,Atikpui,Shia,Ave,Klave,Awuiasu,Lume,Tanyigbe and Nyive in the Ho municipality joining hands for peace,unity and development. The chiefs and elders of "NORDU" community come together and decide on the date on which the durbar will be celebrated.Venues are alternated among the NORDU communities every year. The cultures of the communities are displayed at festival ground through singing and dancing,poem recitals and other cultural displays such hunting skills.The chiefs and the people of each of the NORDU community is expected to be present at the day of the durbar.Other activities such football games,cooking competitions.Fundraisings are always the norm of the durbar of any " NORDU" festivals.

Glidzi festival

Another festival you may not have heard of is the one celebrated by the people of Adaklu in Ho municipality. The festival denotes the escape from the wicked king of Notsie,Togbui Agorkorli. When the people were fed up with high display of wickedness by the King of Notsie.The people of Adaklu have planned with the women to pour water on the wall to soften the walls sorrounding their dwelling. The people broke through the wall and escape hence the name on f the festival Glidzi meaning "on top of a wall".Glidzi festival is celebrated every year to commemorate the escape from King Agorkorli of Notsie.

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Ghana NORDU Norvisi Development Union


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