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Have you laughed today? Here are some funny jokes which will make you smile all day non-stop.

Sadness is such a bad feeling. It can deform you and make you grow older than your age.

And one best way you can overcome this sadness is by laughing at least five times a day. And also laughing they say, is the best medicine.

So in this article, I have piled up some list of funny jokes which will boost up your day and make it a blissful one.

1. Nigerian nurses can be so rude, how can they call you by your sickness name. Which one is "Oga low sperms where you dey go".

2. Nothing is painful in this world than a lecturer standing at your back in an examination hall screaming "some people are just writing nonsense"

3. There is a myth or believe in African communities which says "if you laugh at someone else's illness or situation, same thing is going to happen to you". So in this case, let us all gather and laugh at Mark Zuckerberg, Bill gate and Jeff Bezoz right now.

4. Biology test!

Draw the female reproductive organ. As the test was going on, one girl looked in between her legs and one guy sitting beside her saw her and shouted "Sir Vivian is cheating, she is copying from the original source"

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