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"Touching" - My Stepmother Took Every Utensil Without Even Leaving A Drinking Cup To Use

Indeed, I've really had the best blow of my life after my family and I have been sacked from our home. I'm Hilda and I live in Takoradi with my dad and stepmother. At the beginning, eventhough my stepmother is not legally married to my father, she treated us as her own. She did everything that a mother would do in her power. I felt very proud of her always wanted to introduce her to my friends as my lovely mum. She was very loving and caring to us until an unknown sickness strikes my dad.

He became very I'll and even found it very difficult to eat or drink water. That was the beginning of our woes. He was laid off from his job and we had nothing better to eat at home. Seven months afterward, my stepmother packed her belongings including all the utensils at home without even leaving a tea cup. She came to meet the utensils but left with all of them. I decided to fight back but I was stopped by my dad.

Fast forward, he died but the wife didn't come to the funeral. We tried all means to get in touch with her but we never had the opportunity. She came immediately after the death of my father to claim all the properties because she is the rightful owner of it.

We waged wars with her but she finally sent the case to court and she won the battle. We have been sacked from our own home which is built by my father and my junior brother has been arrested after his attempt to wage a fierce war with our once lovely and cared mum. All dreams has been shattered down due to the ill behaviour of my stepmother.

I'm emotionally down and I don't know what step to take. Any advice for me.

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Hilda Takoradi


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