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Is Flood Becoming A National Festival In Ghana? How Do We Put An End To It?

Every country's development is mostly contingent on its citizens, rather than its leaders. Floods are quickly becoming a celebration in Ghana, as they do every year, because most people are displaced even if it only rains for one hour. 125 people have died in Kwame Nkrumah Circle in the last six years as a result of water mixing with sewage. Floods have swept away cars, animals, and property, but there appears to be no solution in sight for this annual catastrophe. The game of putting the blame on the government isn't going to help anyone.

A whole slew of devastating videos have already swept the internet. According to reports, floods in the Ashanti region have swept away nearly four persons, including an innocent child. Accra was also seriously flooded yesterday as a result of a few hours of rain. What if it had been raining cats and dogs for hours? Water would have suffocated the entire region, I'm sure.

Apart from Accra and Kumasi, which are always in the news, many other areas have been affected. The western region, which receives a lot of rain, has also been adversely affected. It is past time for the country's land commission to demolish all structures built around waterways. People acquire land in swampy places, cover it with gravel, and then build their homes without considering the harmful impact they will have on the rest of the country.

The majority of the country's gutters are also clogged with sand, stones, and black and white rubber materials. Nobody gives a damn about this since people dump trash anytime they feel like it. All of this ends up in the gutters, clogging them.

The flood will continue to devastate lives and property every year until we all work together as one people toward a shared goal or purpose to tackle this national problem. Change is required.

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