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Stop Saying ‘You Welcome’ When People Thank You, Rather Reply Them With These 14 Unique Words

There are some English words that we usually use, maybe because we find it difficult to replace them with other unique words. After all, we always use one word.

When people thank us for helping or showing them kindness, we tend to say "welcome" and that kind of word is used now and there seems to be no other word to replace it.

After saying our thanks, the next words we thought we would hear from the next person were welcome. It's so common in today's society that it now seems like the only word used when someone says thank you. Your next answer is: Welcome.

Here are 14 unique words you can use in place of "welcome."

1. Everything is fine.

2. Oh, anytime.

3. I am happy to serve you.

4. Of course.

5. I'm happy to help you.

6. Happy to help.

7. No problem.

8. Don't mention it.

9. No problem.

10. You have it.

11. Nothing.

12. With pleasure.

13. Never mention it.

14. Anytime.

We all understand that the average African sometimes struggles with English. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to know what kind of phrase to use so you don't use English or the wrong phrase.

Knowledge is power, we learn every day of our lives what makes us human.

So you can see that you have to use a lot more unique words than you use often. In other words, it also means that you are welcome. So try something unique today.

Thank you for reading. I hope you learned something today.

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