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Enjoy Your Thursday with These Funny Comments that Will Crack Your Ribs (Too Funny)

Ghanaians really have an impressive sense of humour. This is very good for us as a nation considering the enormous number of hardships that befalls many of us.

On social media, the youth can get very corny and/or troll someone for whatever purpose. It makes us relieve some of our stress off. Today is a holiday in Ghana, thus, many workers are home.

As you have your good time at work or visiting your loved ones, I want you to enjoy some of the wittiest jokes from Ghanaians. Some will leave you laughing till you crack your ribs.

Look, laughter is very essential in our lives. After a long day or stress for some days, a good laugh could come in pretty handy. It relieves stress and makes one feel good.

I want you to feel good this holiday and perhaps share the jokes with a couple of your loved ones to have a good laugh too. It is worth it. 



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