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The mid year APETORKU Shrine festival 2021 is coming on live. Check out how it goes on every year.

The priests and the elders of the Dagbamate APETORKU Shrine in the Akatsi south municipal of Volta region, Ghana are reminding all members of the upcoming 2021 mid year APETORKU traditional religion festival.

All members and non-members are to make it a point to observe the covid preventive measures to help reduce and prevent the spreading of the virus. There is a strong believe that the Corona virus can not attack any members under the umbrella of the great APETORKU but safety first.

The APETORKU symbol

'Ehor me poa Klo o'

The APETORKU traditional religion celebrate two main festivals which are the Easter celebration and the mid year festival called 'Talulu' in Ewe.

The Talulu celebration always start on the last Saturday of October every year. But the Talulu celebration last for only three days.

Some of the members of the APETORKU Shrine from other branches such as Denu,Avutokpordi,Dzogborve,Galotse etc arrive on Friday and some too Saturday. Wakekeeping with drumming and dacing will take place throughout that Saturday night.

On Sunday morning the great APETORKU will come out of it spiritual forest called 'Zo' in Ewe with drumming and dacing by the members and non-members to the shrine as usual. The dressing code White.

There will be an educational talk by the youths of the community in Ghana and outside Ghana and also talks from invited guests to all members to help promote and developi the community for the betterment of all the members and non-members.A normal Sunday service picture at the shrine.

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