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The Wild "Ashawo" Nightlife At Konongo

We are rapidly losing hold of our African culture by the acceptance of foreign cultures and this is so true by the lifestyle portrayed every night by the vibrant youths of Konongo. There were days in our country where it was very difficult for a man to even see a woman's body without marrying her but these days it is a whole different story.

The wild ashawo lifestyle of the Konongo youths is something to worry about. We are very much aware that this chronic public display of sheer stupidity and flagrant act of young beautiful Ghanaian ladies allowing themselves to be used by young men with no integrity whatsoever is a pandemic across the country.

However, it's very moderate and not as rampant as the situation in Konongo, a gold, and magnesium mining town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Perhaps, it's because of this reason, the nightlife of the town is on the rise. The most lucrative job in the town is mining and according to observations made, the young ladies in the town love "the miners" because they are always possessing plenty of cash and spend big.

A video spotted on social media captured wild scenes of the young men and women having an immense amount of "fun" in a nightclub called the "Hide Out" in Konongo and it only begged the question, are these are future leaders?

Instead of saving or investing the hard earned money obtained from a very difficult job like mining/galamsey, the miners would rather splash the cash on drinks and women. The young women who are available to please and satisfy the needs of these young men take all the money they acquired from a hard day's work and this is the cycle of madness happening in Konongo daily.

 Who is to be condemned for actions like this but the youths of Konongo?

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