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They performed rituals for the gods

Hi, family and friends. I am glad to see you again.

Merry Christmas to you all. I hope everything is fine.

However, let go straight to todays articles.

A ritual was performed in the central region Kojokrom.

According to the people of the town, after they woke up from bed this morning, they saw this ritual in the middle of the road. The people of the town also said from the beginning of December this year that they always experience rituals in the town.

They believe that the fraud and Sakawa boys in the town perform the rituals just because the year is about to end and they need to perform sacrifices for their gods.

The rituals include a dead cow and two chickens with red clothes and powder sprinkled on them. The rituals also contain two bowls, one of which contains coins, and the other which contains food in it.

The people in the town are very shocked by what they saw this morning, and they wonder what it is all about.

Anyway, this brings us to the end of the articles for today.

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Thanks for reading. 

I hope to see you again.


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Kojokrom Sakawa


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