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Man intentionally Urinate on Hotel Bed and left because their price was too high

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Hotel Rooms are places where people normally sleep when they travel to an unknown place. Some also has it in mind that when you sleep at such places, it added a value to you. Upon People making Bad use of Hotel rooms, others too are using it for good side.

Have you though of it or have you put it into consideration and be like, you sleeping in a hotel Room and realize the next morning that you have mistakenly Urinated on their Bed.

I think it will be like a dream or a drama to you, Because in our custom it's a disgrace to urinate on bed at a certain age.

A man Named Eben Asiedu Risky took to his Facebook wall and narrated how he intentionally Urinated on a Hotel Bed he slept on just because their price was too high.

He said; I went to this Hotel to spend just a night, but the cost incurred was too high that, I urinated on their bed and left the next day. People don't Know But who will tell them.

see what he posted bellow.

Do you think what this man did was right.

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Eben Asiedu Risky Hotel Bed


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