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Brief History Of Perfume And How It Has Revolved Throughout The Centuries Over The World.

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Perfume is used by nearly everyone all over the world in order to please others, leave good impressions, and to surround ourselves with a pleasing lingering scent.

The famous ancient Egyptian queen, Cleopatra is said to have welcomed Mark Anthony on a boat perfumed sails after Julius Gaius Caesar was murdered to gain his attraction. The word perfume is derived from the Latin phrase “per" which means “thorough" and “fumus" which means “smoking".

The French gave the name of “parfum" to the smells of burning incense. Actually, the first form of perfume was incense which was first made by the Mesopotamians about four thousand years ago.

Incense found it's way to ancient Egypt around 3000 BC but until the beginning of Egypt's Golden Age, perfumes were used only in religious activities. The ancient Greek were the makers of the first liquid perfume but the distillation of the Arabs made it more usable.

It was met with huge success especially in France during the seventeenth century. Hygiene during those days was not really good and perfumes were used to cover the unpleasant body odors. In England, perfumes were used extensively during the reign of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I.

All public places were scented during the rule of Queen Elizabeth I as she could not tolerate bad smells. From the nineteenth century upward, perfume production underwent huge cahnges and the development of chemistry laid the foundation for modern perfumery.

At the start of it's making, perfumes were derived from a single flower fragrance but was made was made complex with many different natural chemicals and synthetics. Chanel No5 was the first perfume in history to be made by applying modern chemical principles and the first to contain synthetics.

Eau de Cologne, which is usually used by men was invented by an Italian barber in the beginning of the eighteenth century in the German city of Köln, hence the name cologne, which is the French name for Köln. Many perfume manufacturing companies have

cropped up through the centuries, each introducing a new and improved version of this product. Some of these famous perfume companies are The Smell of Success, She Wears Armani, Dior, and Chanel.

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