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Do these three (3) things to protect yourself from witches and wizards.

I'll go over the three (3) most prevalent strategies to protect yourself from witches and wizards in this essay. The honey and salt method is the first method. Use salt and honey in the following directions to defend oneself against evil witches and wizards.

a. In a cup or mug, pour undiluted honey. b. Add a pinch of salt and swirl to combine evenly. Use your right middle finger to stir.

b. Use your right little finger to stir it every morning, and the same finger to fetch some and lick it. This should be repeated three times. This means that after stirring, lick the honey with your right little finger. It should be done three times. This should only be done in the morning till the honey has run out. Rather than dipping your finger into the honey and licking it three times, sprinkle a drop of honey mixed with salt into a bucket of water and soak in it early in the morning and late at night. When done regularly, this will drive away any evil forces attempting to harm you. It's effective. You are welcome to give it a shot.

2. The Camphor and Water Method. This is a well-known technique for keeping evil spirits out of your home. I've been doing this since I was 18 years old, and it's proven to be really effective for me. This is how you can keep witches and wizards out of your life by using water and camphor.

a. Pour water into your glass or mug.

b. Put three drops of camphor in it and place it by your bed (extremely close). Sleep soundly without being disturbed by witches and wizards. The next morning, discard the glass of water and repeat the procedure with the same camphor but different water before going to bed. Every home benefits from the tranquility and safety that camphor provides. Camphor's white color symbolizes peace and safety. This spiritual technique is straightforward but effective.

You can also bathe with camphor by placing it in a pail of water. Use Micah 2: 1 as a prayer point before washing. Witches and wizards will stay away from you if you take a daily bath with the prayer point.

3. The Method of the Open Scissors. Not only does this strategy drive away witches and wizards, but it also fights them spiritually. This is how you should utilize it: Get a pair of scissors. 30 minutes before bedtime, hold it and pray with it. Pray and beg the Heavenly Father to protect you from any witches or wizards who may attempt to harm you physically or spiritually. This should be your sole point of prayer. Admit in your prayer that you are unable to fight the war on your own and that you need God to intervene on your behalf.

b. Sleep with the scissors open and under your mattress. No witch or wizard will be able to defeat you. Underneath the mattress, keep the scissors. It isn't necessary to bring it out.

Hope this article was helpful. Thanks for reading and don't forget to share, like and comment.

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