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Awesome Friday: The funniest pictures to make your Friday a memorable one

I am pretty sure that everybody loves Fridays since they are the last working days of the week. This is the reason for which I titled my article "Awesome Friday". Isn't it interesting getting to realize that many people in the world including little school kids have Fridays as their best days amongst the five main working days? Well, this is how awesome and distinct these days are.

I wouldn't want to take the fun out of this day and for that reason I decided to compile some pictures which will add a perfect touch to your Friday. These pictures are bound to induce laughter in you and I hope that after seeing these pictures it really creates a difference.

Like I always say, these kinds of articles are one of my greatest challenges because sometimes what I might find very funny might not be funny at all in another person's dictionary. For that matter, I urge you all to give me a feedback in the comment section right after strolling through these pictures so I know how to move about regarding these kinds of articles. Lets move straight into the pictures I compiled

1. When you tell a "slay queen" to prepare you chicken soup. I am sure you all get this joke. Most of these slay queens are known to press their phones, slay, go to parties and all that without knowing many basic things in the kitchen. Most of them don't even know how to get feathers off chicken and are likely to repeat what is happening in the picture below.

2. I thought I had seen it all until I chanced upon this picture. Normally, when cars are at fault, you get to see many people pushing the car so as to get it back on track. Well, this time around they managed to push a whole helicopter.

3. Looking at this picture, I don't even know what to say. The level of carelessness embedded in this picture is so huge such that I can't even decipher. In as much as this is funny, it is also dangerous. What is this?

4. This is what happens when you see your crush for the first time. You try to do all your best by letting your crush know that you got the moves. Well, sometimes you end up getting disgraced. This is exactly what this guy is facing at the moment.

5. This combination is one of the funniest combinations I have ever seen. It is normal taking a food with drink especially when the food is a solid food but these ladies decided to take a drink with a food containing soup. How can you drink a soup and attach it with a drink?

Like everything, there is an end attached to it. This is where this article ends. I really do hope I made people laugh with these pictures. Kindly let me know what you think about them so I know how to go about the next articles relating to laughter. Have a nice weekend

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