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Know the differences between your needs and your wants. See where wardrobe and fridge belong.

Living a comfortable and luxurious life is desire of many people. It is often not common to for any person to chose a life full of wretch. The only thing that may prevent one from living a life of their choice is the means. Your ability to afford a comfortable life is what makes it easy for you. It should not be by imitation or pretence. If you actually have worked for it, why not. That's one of the ways to enjoy the fruit of one's labour.

However, it is also important to recognise the difference between one's needs and wants. Your needs are the very things without which you can live. Your basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. No matter what you can't be naked as a normal human being. The same way you can't also live without feeding. Same as where to sleep. There are of course other things that we may need as due to our work or professional practice.

Those are exceptional cases. For instance, you may need a car to facilitate your means of transport to work. In this case it becomes a necessity. Perhaps it may be help you safe more than paying transport fare all the time.

Your wants on the other hand are the those things you can do without them. You don't always need to possess everything in this world. Most of the things we desire to have are far beyond our affordability. If you have a gas cylinder and simple two burner cooker, you can still cook.

The person who also has a four burner cooker with oven can also cook. Why not purchase things based on what you need them for? You may not necessarily need a fridge, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, stuffing chair at a particular point in your room.

Until it becomes a necessity, let not your wants be your needs. And when you have to buy your needs, always get a best and quality so you won't buy and buy again.

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