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Have you seen any of the popular crate challenge videos? This woman has upgraded to bottle challenge

A popular phenomenon that is trending on social media for some time now is the Crate challenge. People who engage in it stack crates on top of each other, forming an obstacle that looks like a step. They then try to walk across the steps, ascending from one point and descending on the other point. Participants try to vary the difficulty of the obstacle in order to make their videos peculiar from that of others. They do this by either increasing the number of crates used, changing the arrangement of the crates or using different styles to walk across the obstacle.

Some of the techniques employed payed off, as most of the videos went viral. Of course, everything that is fun and at the same time dangerous comes with it's own disadvantages. A number of casualties were recorded at some places and some people even lost their lives through it.

Just at the point where people's interest in this challenge seems to be diminishing, someone has come up with a more tedious and compelling way of doing it. It has moved from being an ordinary crate challenge to a bottle challenge. There is a video of a woman trending on social media in which she is seen walking across bottles arranged over a flight of stairs, leading onto a table.

She gently tips her toe from one bottle to another from the bottom of the obstacle to the very last bottle on the table before maneuvering herself to make the descent. It is a very fascinating event to watch. Onlookers and bystanders were applauding her for the phenomenal show she has put up. The video has since been trending across various social media platforms and has generated a lot of conversations.

It has however been noted that not so many people are participating in this new challenge. Perhaps people do not have interest in it or maybe a lot of people lack the skills required to balance themselves and walk across glass bottles. Nevertheless, it is a tricky but interesting challenge that is certainly meant for the masterclass.

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