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Ghanaian Kids Will Now See And Use A SkatePark In Ghana Instead of Watching Foreign Kids On TV

Ghanaians can boldly boost on the numerous games that are played and enjoyed by their citizens within their territory. When it comes to football and its pitches or Stadia, Ghanaians do not have a problem with it but a game that Ghanaians within the country can never boost of is skating and a pitch or park for it.

Ghanaian kids who have interest in skating either using a a skating board or the likes are only able to see their friends in foreign countries skating on television.

Fortunately, these kids who see their colleagues skating on TV are about to get their own skating park in Ghana. The new skatepark that will be lunched on the the 15th of December of this year is called the Freedom Skatepark.

And according to the information gathered, the skatepark is the first to be built in Ghana and it is located in Accra. Construction is still ongoing and by the 15th of December, 2021 both children and adults can have free access to it.

Ghanaian children will no longer waste time on TV just to practice it, they will have all the time in the world to skate on a standardized skatepark.

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