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Simple And Affordable Modern Two Bedroom Self Contained House Plan Ideas For Small Families

Housing in Africa has gradually changed over the years. With many Africans travelling abroad and technology lying in our palms every single day, new ideas are being discovered. Nowadays, it is even difficult to find a house built of mud, you can only spot these buildings in very remote areas. Once upon a time, this was the dream home of our great grandparents. History has it that, these muddy houses were given a smooth finishing touch with the faeces of cattle, something that today's children will see at disgusting.

The mud and cattle faeces is out now, we are now used to bricks and blocks. With a mixture of sand and cement, bricks are being produced, stronger and more durable than the muddy walls. Same sand and cement is used in laying these bricks, giving it a strong stand. House designs and plans have also changed with time, no one wants to build a house with the toilet facilities outside anymore. That's why the term self contained house has become the term of the decade when it comes to housing in Ghana.

If you are going to build a house, you might want to do it the right way. No need situating the toilet and bath outside, giving you the fear of going to bath outside at night. You need something affordable, modern and comfortable for your own peace of mind. These two bedroom self contained house plan ideas should be the perfect choice for your small family home.

With the toilet facilities, kitchen and water supply indoors, you can face a ten day home lockdown without having to step outside. All you need is enough food supply and you can spend your entire vacation at home resting and having a good time. Check out the designs below and share with a friend.

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