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Six Ways To Work Smarter And Increase Your Productivity

Productivity is in my own words is making the most of your time. That's getting to finish your to do list. It could be cleaning, running errands, learning, exercising and the list goes on on and on.

The most common obstacle to productivity is procrastination. Mind you procrastination isn't the only thief of productivity. Let me bring these to your attention.

1. Getting lost on social media. Social media is the one stop place for entertainment and stress release for a lot of people. Just like everything too much of it becomes toxic to one's self. Over using social media leads to us getting lost in it and escaping from reality. This drastically reduces your productivity before you know it.

2. Never leaving your comfort zone. The only way to boost yourself and become more productive is challenging yourself to meet your target. Always eating and sleeping leads you no where if you'd just admit it.

3. Always aiming for perfection. When you always want things to happen the way you want them without any difficulties you might just give up at the least difficulty. You'd get easily discouraged when you don't want to manoeuvre to get to the top.

4. Sitting down all day. Sitting idle all day gets not the job done. Day dreaming doesn't turn into actual dreams. Getting your dreams materialized requires you getting up, going out there and working extra hard.

5. Not enough sleep. Even machines break down when they overwork, how much more you a human being. When you don't get enough sleep you're more prone to diseases and you're not able to think straight. Sleeping enough leaves you rejuvenated and ready to kick start a new day.

6. Over analysing everything. Overthinking leaves you constantly worried. When you constantly over analyse things you're easily discouraged at the least change in numbers. Things don't always go as planned. Give room for that when you're analysing. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't analyse. Please do but don't over analyse.

Thank you so much for reading. Is there any point I didn't add? Feel free to add it in the comment section. Kindly like and share this. Do follow me as well. Keep safe and mask up. Till next time be safe. Bye!!

Content created and supplied by: Mandeiya (via Opera News )


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