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Top 5 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World In 2021

Here are the top 5 most dangerous bridges in the world, 2021, in no particular order.

1. Iya Valley Vine Bridges (Japan).

These bridges, three in number, are made of vines, wire, and small plank wood with big spaces between them. Climbers usually experience swinging and bouncing which makes it a little bit scary.Research has it that animals also climb these bridges too which makes it even more dangerous. Iya Valley is about 100ft high and 1,000ft long.

2. Hanging Bridge of Ghasa (Nepal).

A similarity between this bridge and the aforementioned is the fact both humans and animals cross the bridge. Other features that make this bridge one of the most dangerous bridges aside from the thrill of crossing the bridge with an animal are its extremely tight condition and the shaky experience of crossers when using the bridge.It is said that many people use the bridge daily, thereby leaving it in a poor state.

3. Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan.

The Hussaini bridge made it to the scariest bridge in the world and now the top 10 most dangerous bridges in the world. That is to tell you that it is indeed a very dangerous bridge.The bridge is made of ropes and wooden planks that have wide gaps between them. Not only that, even the ropes are rotten.I’m sure you don’t want to ever go to the Hussaini bridge.

4. Deception Pass Bridge, Washington.

Although built in 1935 for trade and economic purposes, the deception pass bridge becomes dangerous during heavy wind and storm as drivers can barely see the road when they get to the middle.What is dangerous about the deception pass bridge is the waters below, with its very strong, rolling currents, that have caught many ships unawares and destroyed through the years.

5. Witches Bridge, USA.

According to the name, which makes the bridge one of the most dangerous bridges in the world is the fact that it is being haunted.Built in 1916 and located in Illinois USA, the witches bridge is about 104ft long.

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