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The hidden reasons Shaolin Monks cannot be defeated

This is why no one can beat a shaolin monk. A shaolin monk's life is a challenging and spiritual road to self-improvement. Many hardships and exhausting training await young monks on this route. For thousands of years, Shaolin has kept an old tradition that has remained untouched. The monks exercise seven days a week to improve their lives, and deciphering the secrets to their way of life is difficult.

At the age of six, the monks begin rigorous training. They have shown incredible ability since they were young. They put themselves through a lot of hardship in order to become true warriors. Young monks gain a strong sense of balance and amazing flexibility in addition to the mandatory meditation.

To begin, the young monks twist and wrap themselves around tree trunks, remaining in this posture for a period of time to increase their flexibility. Such activities, according to their guru, educate students to persevere in the face of adversity and to understand the nuances of martial arts. Practicing any of these skills is risky and should only be done under the supervision of a Master. Monks initially train for several years to reduce the risks to their body.

In one exercise, they bang their throats against a stick, and it takes them ten years to disregard the pain. They can withstand a severe blow to the throat or a stick during a demonstration, and some of them can even shatter a stick with their throats.

Meditation is also a significant aspect of their training for these monks. Meditation allows people to take a break from their physical activities and focus on themselves. It also aids them in remaining calm in stressful situations. The monks spend years honing their talents, not only their muscles but also their fingertips. They engage in a special technique known as "Diamond Finger," which they practice on a variety of trees. The fingers become as strong as tree branches after years of intensive training.

Nothing worthwhile comes easily in life, and being a Shaolin monk is one of them.

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